Friday, August 10, 2018

The Bread Debate

I AM what I AM:
The Bread of Life
- No more hunger;
The Living Water
- No more thirst.

We know you!
We know where 
You've come from!
We know that you
Aren't real Manna!

Do not grumble so about it.
You won't believe, unless God
First brings you to believe me.
Everyone will learn from God;
Everyone who has heard God
Will eventually come to me.

I AM the Bread of Salvation;
Moses' Manna was ephemeral.
I AM the true Bread of Heaven;
I AM soul-food for eternal Life.

I AM sanctifying Living Bread.
All those who accept the Bread
Will live on in me forever more.
I AM your Bread, broken for you.

~ Tiwago

(From John 6:35 and 41-51)

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