Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Property Rights

Every thing.
Every created thing.
Every living thing.
Every living creature.
Every human creature.
Planet Earth is not mine.
Life on Earth is not mine.

For, the Lord...
For, the Lord made there be Water...
For, the Lord founded Life upon the Oceans...
For, the Lord established it within and along Rivers...

Adam and Eve, can you stand with the Lord in the Garden?
Job, can you stand with the Lord on the brink of Creation?
Yet, Moses summited the great holy Mountain of the Lord!
Yet, Moses stood before the Lord barefoot upon sacred Soil!

Who can stand?
Who has standing?
Those with innocent hands.
Those with worthy motives.
Those who do not worship
Self, or money, or power...
Those who don't falsely claim
To follow God, to be righteous...

Those who are good to:
Every thing;
Every created thing;
Every living thing;
Every living creature;
Every human creature.

For, Planet Earth is not mine.
For, Life on Earth is not mine.

~ Tiwago
(From Psalm 24)

(photography by tiwago)


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