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Extinction and Christians

(photography by tiwago)

A Call Unlike the Others

In the three synoptic Gospels, Jesus calls fishermen to go "fishing" with him; unlike John, which has Jesus gathering disciples from other rabbis or from people passing by. Doctor Luke's detailed account is unlike the Reader's Digest versions we have from Mark and Matthew - Luke emphasizes relationship building (Luke 4:38-5:11).

1. Jesus first heals Simon's Mother-in-Law.
2. Jesus then asks Simon for a favor, so Simon takes Jesus out in his boat.
3. Simon's business partners, James and John, take their boat out as well, because Simon does.
4. After Jesus completes his sermon to those on the shore, he suggests that the fishermen lower their nets.
5. Even though everyone is tired, and the best fishing is not in the middle of the day, Simon agrees because he and Jesus have developed a relationship of trust.
6. So many fish fill the nets, that there is a danger of the boats being swamped. Simon recognizes that Jesus is more than just a Teacher and Healer, and he honors…


"We need to find God, but we cannot find him in noise or in excitement. See how nature, the trees, the grass grow in deep silence. See how the stars, the moon, and the sun all move in silence."

Mother Teresa
(photography by tiwago)

Erotic Spirituality

"Faith without works is dead." James 2:17
"The quest for an adequate spirituality has become increasingly urgent in our eco-crisis. In the past, spirituality has been seen as synonymous with asceticism, spiritual discipline, meditation, prayer and otherworldly pursuits. According to a dualistic worldview, the spirit is against the body, the emotion and the appetite. We now need to speak of a holistic, bio-philic and embodied spirituality. Instead of being passive and emotionless, this new spirituality must be passionate, erotic and full of fire. It must move us to live with our full capacity, to seek justice in our relationships and to walk humbly with God and mother earth. It must evoke wonder and awe in us when we see the falling star, the autumn leaves and the morning dew."

"This passionate spirituality must enable us to work for peace. Peace is not the absence of war or conflict, but harmony, well-being and blissfulness because of just relationships. Peace i…

John, Act Nine, Scene One

A teacher and his class enter stage left, into a crowded street scene. His students look stage right, and see a man one of them knows.

Student: "Teacher, that man has been blind since birth; was it because of his or his parents' sin? And if it was his, how could he have sinned before he was born?"

Teacher: "As you know, neither."

The Teacher makes a poultice of honest spit and good old red adama clay. He approaches the blind man, and without asking, puts the mud in his unseeing eyes.

Teacher: "I AM the light of the world. Go to the pool named Sent and clean your eyes."

The man does as instructed. As he's trying to interpret the strange new sights streaming into his brain, the crowd around him implodes.

Woman #1: "Isn't that the man who used to sit on this very corner and beg?"

The Not-Blind Man: "Yes, it's me."

Woman #1: "I gave him my hard-earned money - he's a con-man!"

Man #1: "It sure is him!"

Man #2: …

Birth Announcement

Surrounded by the Glory,
Before a fearsome Angel,
Frightened Shepherds trembled,
In the fields amidst their flocks.

"You do not need to fear me,"
The Angel spoke to calm them;
For when blood is rushing,
Our ears hear only murmurs,
As though submerged in water.

"I bring you the good news:
The good news of great joy;
A great joy for all peoples!
Today in a poor tiny hamlet,
In a place named for Bread,
In insignificant Bethlehem,
The village of King David,
Your savior has been born,
Christ your King has come.

You will know him by this sign,
The World's Messiah swaddled,
The Anointed One born in a barn.


(Luke 2:8-12)
(photography by tiwago)

The Carnal Soul


Moral Application

"Many Christians who profess a firm belief, without reservation, that God created everything and who may even oppose any teaching of evolution unfortunately seem not to see how their Christianity may have an impact on creation. They live and act in ways that may be moral and ethical, but they do not apply these principles to the earth and the environment." M. B. Efthimiou

Photography by Tiwago
Quote from: Orthodoxy and the Ecological Crisis, by Milton B. Efthimiou in Ecotheology: Voices from South and North, David G. Hallman ed. 1994; WCC Publications, Orbis Books.


(photography by tiwago)

I'm Back!

I have resurrected the Naked Alien as a place for my more theological side, separating it from my creative side. Although this is an artificial division for me, it may help those who are not interested in my photography (Photography by Tiwago). Stay tuned as I start phasing over. No doubt, you will find the occasional poem by Tiwago here.