Monday, September 4, 2017

Get Ready to March

Sometimes, we are called to teach with our feet, pray with our feet, advocate with our feet. Sometimes, we're called to flee, to go away from home, to find somewhere new and strange...

The Lord said: 

"This is a new beginning for you. Let it begin your calendar - let it start your new story.

Each household shall procure a lamb or kid. Some households will not be able to afford such an expense, so you must share evenly with your neighbors! The people shall all slay and butcher together as one community. All shall take the blood of these sacrifices, and paint their door-frames on the top and both sides. That same night, barbecue the meat. Treat it as manna - what you don't eat, throw away in the morning.

Be ready to march at a moment's notice. Eat it with tough brush-pants on. Eat it with your hiking boots on and laced up. Eat it with your walking-stick at-hand. Do not linger over the food - it is not a feast or banquet. Eat in readiness to assemble and move out. This is the night of my Passing-Over!

I will pass through the land where you have been enslaved and oppressed. As I pass by each of their houses, I will take away their most prized offspring. All their imaginary gods and shiny idols will be useless as I pass. I AM the Lord, and I will see the signs you painted. I will pass over my children.

For all time, mark this day on your calendar as Memorial Day. Feast to remember the time when you did not have time to feast because you were fleeing for your lives. Remember when you were an alien, abused and unwanted. Remember that you are my beloved, and that I have redeemed you. Remember me."

Exodus 12:1-14

(photography by tiwago)


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