Friday, August 4, 2017

Hollow Shells

"You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means." 
Inigo Montoya

"But the most common of all the enthusiasts of this kind, are those who imagine themselves Christians...

... and are not.

These abound, not only in all parts of our land, but in most parts of the habitable earth. That they are not Christians is clear and undeniable, if we believe the oracles of God.

     For Christians are holy; 
these are unholy; 
     Christians love God; 
these love the world: 
     Christians are humble; 
these are proud; 
     Christians are gentle; 
these are passionate; 
     Christians have the mind which was in Christ; 
these are at the utmost distance from it. 

Consequently, they are no more Christians than they are archangels.

Yet they imagine themselves themselves to be; and they can give several reasons for it: 
  • For they have been called so ever since they can remember; they were christened many years ago; 
  • they embrace the Christian opinions, vulgarly termed the Christian or Catholic faith; 
  • they use the Christian modes of worship, as their fathers did before them; 
  • they live what is called a good Christian life, as the rest of their neighbors do.

And who shall presume to think or say that these men are not Christians? - though without one grain of faith in Christ, or of real inward holiness: without ever having tasted the love of God, or been 'made partakers of the Holy Ghost!"
John Wesley

We dishonor the name of God when we say we are Christians, but have not the mind and heart of Christ.

We blaspheme against Christ when we say that he is Lord, but do not love God as we love our money, power, and status, nor do we love others as much as we love ourselves.

We are not Christlike when we act so unlike Christ.

Faux Christians...
are no Christians.

(photography by tiwago)


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