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Food - Part Two: The Lord's Table

Jesus then went to Lebanon. There a woman, a descendent of survivors of the Canaanite genocide, shouted to get his attention: "Mercy, Lord - my child needs help!" He ignored her, and walked on; but she pursued him.

His students begged him to send her away: "We can't shut her up! We warned her, but she persists."

He turned to her. He did not silence her. Instead, he spoke to her: "I was sent for the wayward ones, not for the nones."

She got down in the dirt before him: "A child needs help."

Looking down, he said: "It's not fair to take bread from the mouths of hungry children to give it to the dogs."

"You're right," she said, "it isn't fair, but it is just! Haven't dogs always cleaned the floor beneath their Masters' tables?"

Jesus' face broke into a smile. "Ma'am, the mustard seed found very fertile soil in you! It is as you've asked."

And the little girl was at once restored t…

Food - Part One: Junk Food and Good Health

The Teacher from Nazareth called out to them: "Gather 'round, my children. Listen up! It's not the junk-food that you snarf down that makes you sick, it's the hateful things that you vomit up." 

Afterwards, some of his students gave him a heads-up: "Some religious conservatives were upset with what you said."

"Every weed," said Jesus, "will be pulled.  They're blind leaders, blindly following their chosen rules, refusing to see the rules they do not choose, leading blind followers over the edge with their inability to see the Will within the Law."

My buddy Peter bravely spoke up: "I don't get it."

Jesus asked him "Still?", with a wink. "Any food that you eat goes through your digestive tract, right? Anything that is good for your body is used, while the waste goes down the toilet. But when you spew evil, hateful, insulting words - when you spread rumors - when you lie, that is when you defile yourself and…

Letter to the Romans 10:8-10

The Word is near; he is on the tip of your tongue and in the deepest thoughts of your mind. 

Hear these words of grace - if you pledge allegiance to Jesus as your liege Lord (forsaking lesser oaths of loyalty) and if you KNOW that he arose from death, you are salvaged goods (redeemed and restored)! Rest in confident assurance for it is with your brain that you know this (studying scriptures interpreted through the Spirit; using your God-given powers of reasoning; reflecting and meditating upon your life-experiences and past relationship status with God and each other; and knowing and understanding the world's history, the traditions of the Church, and the wisdom of your spiritual mothers and fathers), and it is with your mouth (and feet and hands) that you repent and are brought back into a right relationship with God and into righteousness.

(photography by tiwago)

Beware the Tare

there are those who will throw shade on others; rushing to grab all  the nutrients for themselves;
showy exhibitionists doing nothing of worth, and yet in your face, demanding more space!

(photography by tiwago)

Men Are the Weaker Sex

"Then Yahweh thought, 'The man shouldn't be lonely; I will make him an ezer.'"  Genesis 2:18

I looked up the meaning of "ezer" and I found a few - Adam's ezer is his:
     power and strength;
     succor and lifesaver;
     savior and protector.

Ezer most frequently refers to God. "The Hebrew word is ezer. it does not signify a weaker individual meant to serve another, but rather a strong individual coming to the aid of someone weaker." 
(Adam Hamilton; Making Sense of the Bible)

For I Am Naked

and yet they,  the lord, still walk beside me, work beside me, in the garden;
and yet i am, adam and eve, too self-absorbed to notice them...


Hollow Shells

"You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."  Inigo Montoya

"But the most common of all the enthusiasts of this kind, are those who imagine themselves Christians...

... and are not.
These abound, not only in all parts of our land, but in most parts of the habitable earth. That they are not Christians is clear and undeniable, if we believe the oracles of God.
     For Christians are holy;  these are unholy;       Christians love God;  these love the world:       Christians are humble;  these are proud;       Christians are gentle;  these are passionate;       Christians have the mind which was in Christ;  these are at the utmost distance from it. 
Consequently, they are no more Christians than they are archangels.
Yet they imagine themselves themselves to be; and they can give several reasons for it:  For they have been called so ever since they can remember; they were christened many years ago; they embrace the Christian opinions, vulgarly termed the Chri…

His Song

this morning he sang, 
the sun up from its bed;

the breath of his song, 
makes waves in the tall grass,
and keeps the world in motion;

his song shares,
his joy in light,
his yearning heart, 
his love of life,and
the creator's word;

he sang,
and it was good


(photography by tiwago)