Friday, July 14, 2017


Jesus had to get out of the house, so he went down by the seaside for some peace and a cool breeze. But the beach was overflowing with women and with men and with children. They all were there with minds and hearts full of hope and expectations. So he stepped out into a boat, pulled away from the shore, and from there spoke to the crowd. And he told them many strange and confusing stories. Such as:

"A woman went out into her garden behind her house. She started broadcasting kernels of sweetcorn. Some of the kernels landed on the sidewalk; and the squirrels went crazy. Others fell into cracks between the field-stones. The stalks shot up quickly, but they could not long survive because their roots were too shallow to feed the plants or to anchor them in the wind. Yet more seed fell in the patch of thistles by the trash-cans. The thistles grew faster than the corn and crowded the stalks out, depriving them of light and nutrients. But some of the seed fell into the plot of prepared, rich, black, loam. In the late summer, there were enough ears of delicious sweet-corn for everyone in the neighborhood to eat; drenched in butter, and dusted with salt. Let anyone with ears listen!"

The pun went over everybody's heads, so he helped them out.

"The kernels are the germ of God's Kingdom. Some who hear of it, don't get it, and the devil takes it away before it can sink in. Some who receive it are on rocky ground - they are overly zealous at first, but their spiritual roots are so shallow that they can't sustain their passion over time. When trouble comes, they just shrivel up. Some who accept it are so crowded-out by the world's weeds (fears, addictions, and lust for money) that they can produce only a small sorry crop. But some people are humus and understand the concept of Kingdom, They let it grow within them - the crop is so great that there is plenty to share, and everyone is invited to the party!"

(from Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23) 


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