Friday, July 7, 2017

Milkweed Psalm

By breeze, by breath,
By design, by happenstance, 
A germ of life
Clung beneath a piece
Of insubstantial fluff, and
Sailed upon the wind
To light here, just here,
Where I stand and wonder.

The golden light
Of early morning
Plays upon the chandelier 
Of last night's dewdrops,
As scattered daisies
Dance to the sighing
Of the grasses.

Abba, You
Brought me here,
In time and space,
To see
Leaves with leathery faces
And  soft downy bottoms;
New leaves raised up,
Clasped together as if
In prayer -
Guarding your treasures:
Buds, not yet pink;
White sticky milk;
Angular bugs orange and black;
Long-horned beetles red and black;
And dearest yet - royal eggs.

From this weed
Unwanted by farmers,
From this plant
With poisonous blood,
From this green and growing hope,
Miracles and signs will transpire,
Metamorphoses and transfigurations,
As a bag of soft and toxic flesh
Strives towards perfection,
To hang, wrapped in a shroud,

Until a Monarch ascends. 


(photography by tiwago)


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