Monday, July 31, 2017

Frightening News

"Taking seriously the message of Jesus can be frightening and foreboding, because in my honest moment I know that on my own I cannot live the way of love that Jesus taught and lived. When I look at the immediate consequences of his life, I realize that the way of love is asking too much, and I am simply not up to living that way.

Then, like a fresh burst of wind, the realization breaks in upon me: I am not asked to do this on my own! I am asked to follow Jesus, and that means not only to do and be what Jesus calls me to do and be, but also to accept the power and presence of God to make me more than I am and enable me to live as a beloved child of God."

Some people will not do that which causes them fear and unease, seeking comfort and stability. Some will run away, fast and far, or cower in a dark corner. Some run straight to that which is frightful and mysterious to feel their heart surge. Some will heroically accept the fear and step forward anyway. Love itself is frightening - loving one's enemies is a terror.

(photography by tiwago)


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