Wednesday, July 19, 2017

A Letter to Rome

Dear sisters and my brothers, we are a people in great debt! Not to our muscles, bones, or minds. Not to nations, politicians, or corporations. We owe our true lives to the Spirit, if we first put aside our worries for, and worship of, the things held dear by our reptile brains. All who do this are Children of God!

The Gift of the Spirit was not the continuation of our slavery to our fears and our lusts - the Gift was our adoption! When I cry "Mommy! Daddy!", the Spirit of God bears witness to my adoption as God's Child. As the Child of God, I am an heir to Their Kingdom, which means, I inherit jointly with Christ! We all do. We suffer in common with him, and we will be glorified with him as well.

We are suffering greatly in this day and age where wealth makes might and might makes right. But my own personal temporary suffering here will be overwhelmed by coming glory. The Earth, the land, all of nature, waits with eager anticipation the revelation of the Children - for Creation has become subjugated to the whims of those who worship fleeting fortune and fame. The climate can not rectify itself. The planet can not heal itself. Earth will only be freed from its bondage to decay and despoilment by the actions of the Children.

We all hear Creation's groaning, but most of us ignore it. But let it be the groans of labor rather than the moans of hopelessness. We too groan as ones waiting to give birth, waiting to be reborn. We have been saved by hope. We don't hope for more of what we already have. We hope for a future that we can not see in the present darkness. We pray for the patience to abide until hope blooms.

(from Romans 8:12-25)

(photography by tiwago) 


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