Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Who Does That?

We are aligned with God's will
By our faithfulness to Christ,
We are in shalom with Lord God.

By Jesus we have access
To God's grace and mercy.
We may boast
In our hope of sharing Christ's glorification,
In our hope of sharing Christ's mortification;
We may boast during, in, and of, our suffering.

Suffering trains our minds and bodies to endure fleshy pain and mental weariness.
Endurance builds a character of persistence, resistance, and resilience.
Character allow us and others around us to have hope and trust for tomorrow.
And hope -
Hope does not disappoint!
Because love -
Because God's love
Poured into us
By the flowing Spirit!

Here is the mystery of faith,
The mystery of God's faithfulness:
God did not wait for us to make ourselves "good".
While we were weak, God joined us in our weakness!
While we were still bad, God died for the ungodly!

Who does that?
Rarely would anyone die for even a good person;
Rarer still would they die for an average person!
Christ died for all of us: good; bad; and even evil...
Who does that?

Romans 5

(photography by tiwago)


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