Saturday, June 17, 2017

Stepping Out

eve i
adam i
stood there
stand here
in the dark
looking out
from a threshold
within a nexus
of space and time
of heart and spirit

entrance or exit?

reluctant to take
the first step
reluctant to forget
primordial memories
of woods and savannas
of groves rich in trees
of two trees that rose above
of a single tree with fruit
of a garden left behind

the light out there
is so very bright
so harshly strong
testing and tempering
blessing and gracing
i am only newly clothed
yet feeling naked

must we walk into it?
must we strive with that?
can not we stay here at home?
can we not live in soft comfort?

but nevertheless we walked into it
determined to defeat and tame it
longing for the shade we knew
longing for our lost childhood
making church a formal garden
forsaking the wild woods

we stride into the world as giants
small inside but outwardly large 

we see not who walks beside us
the light within the light


(photography by tiwago)


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