Thursday, June 22, 2017

Love Wins

People say "Love wins"
As if it was a magic spell
Hoping to ward off Evil
Without their loving first.

People say "Love wins"
As if it was an iron shield
Hiding behind its strength
After first shooting arrows.

People say "Love wins"
Then let Hate beat the crap
Out of someone else because
They're from another tribe.

People say "Love wins"
Then let plutocrats destroy
Country and environment
And make us hate each other.

People say "Love wins"
Meaning that I have to love them
And let them hate me all the while
And let them hate who they want.

People say "Love wins"
While children are dying
While women are beaten
While men are murdered.

People say "Love wins"
Telling me to be a "good" boy
That I be quiet and complicit.
That we must look out for us.

I only see Hate winning today
Christians dance with the devil
The Law has been purchased
Yet people say "Love wins"?

Love is the mortar of civilization
But roaches are eating away at it
Love is the meaning of existence
Dear Lord, help us to get it back!



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