Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Whole In One

None can pledge real allegiance to the Lord Jesus,
Unless the Spirit within them works to make it so.

There is a great diversity of gifts activated by the Spirit,
Yet they are all blessings of One Spirit - Whole in One.
There is a great diversity of ways to serve other people,
Yet they are all graces from One Lord - Whole in One.
There is a great diversity of good deeds to be doing,
Yet they are all done through One God - Whole in One.

Why is every living human being uniquely gifted, unusually talented, differently impassioned, strangely warmed? To be better "people"? To be better "subjects"? To gain the golden ticket - to pass through the pearly gates? Paul believed that each and every one of us has been imbued our own personal "manifestation" of the Spirit. I like that word, "manifestation". A manifestation can be an event or a thing which embodies (incarnates) an abstract idea. It can be a sign or a symptom. Most importantly, it is manifestare - to make public.

Paul likened us to human anatomy - each a different body part with discrete yet overlapping and inter-related functions, yet all One whole, complete, functioning being. Each part integral for working together towards the common good of one body. A body animated by spirit / a Body animated by Spirit - a Community.

There is a great diversity of organs in a living organism,
Yet they all give vitality to the Body - Whole in One.
There is a great diversity of beings in the Living Spirit,
Yet we all drink from the same font - Whole in One.

Let the thirsty come forward.
Let the believer drink deeply;
Rivers of Living Water shall flow,
 From within each believer's heart.
All drink from the same font -
All made Whole in One.

1 Corinthians 12:3b-13 and John 7:37-39

(poetry and photography by tiwago)


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