Monday, May 29, 2017

Manifold Destiny

Meditation upon Psalm 104:24 (et al.)

"O LORD, how manifold are your works of creativity!"

Manifold: many, numerous, multitudinous, myriad, innumerable, varied, diversified, diverse, complex, multifarious...

It it not just the number of species made manifest that causes us awe, it is the diversity of life that lift some up by the largeness of Life, but causes others to fearfully feel small and insignificant. 

"In wisdom you have made it all; the Earth is full of your creativity."

Full: filled, replete, abounding, sated, surfeited, complete, whole, intact, perfect, all-inclusive, rich, resonant...

The cup of Creation was intended not to be viewed as half-full or half-empty, but as a whole, vessel and contents as one - a glass sufficient for our thirsts. Yet greed has made us rabid.

The Sea
Wide and deep
Full of Life
Large and small
Man and beast
At play

All look to you
Needs fulfilled
Needs satisfied
Your open hands
It is good
Without you
It is bad

You breathe Life
We inhale Life
And so we live
Day by holy day
Earth is refreshed
A planet alive
Glory of your face

May your glory always endure
May you rejoice in your works
Like the wild mare's high withers
The Earth trembles at your glance
Like the lowly puffball in my yard
Mountains smoke under your touch

My heart will sing to you
Long as it in rhythm beats
My mind will sing of you
Long as it knows your face
In every flower
In every creature
In every person 
Infinite is your face
May I cherish each
Manifold manifestation

May my meditations
On grace's wholeness
Be pleasing to you
For I rejoice in it

Bless the Creator
O my soul
O my mind
O my heart
Praise the Maker


Synonyms from: Family Word Finder, Reader's Digest; 1975
(photography by tiwago)


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