Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Life Is an Endurance Sport

It is to your credit if you endure unjustified abuse. So what if you can tough-it out to get through pain caused by your own actions, any thug can do that. - but, if you do what is good and right, and suffer unfairly as a result, the Father sees the Son in you! 

You have been called to a beatitudinal life, as was Christ. He allowed himself to be abused and murdered not as a victim, but as a condemnation of evil. He did not threaten revenge or curse his circumstances. He embraced the opportunity to do something pure and good, and he left you an example to help you along the Way.

Innocent, but treated as a criminal.
Violated, though he violated no one.
Tortured, he blessed and he forgave.
He surrendered himself to judgment;
Knowing who the only true Judge is.
He accepted the cruel cross to free us,
That we may live on as hope-bearers.

By his taking on our brokenness, we have been made whole. The sheep have been returned to the Shepherd.

(photography by tiwago)


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