Thursday, May 11, 2017

Keep Calm, and Believe (or Not)

(The Narrow Way by Tiwago)


"Take it easy on your hearts," Jesus told them. Fear-related bpm. Anger-induced BP. Stuff like that will kill you.

"Believe in God."

"Believe in me."

"I'm going to go open the house up for you. There is plenty of room for everyone; even you. I'll get your rooms ready for you. I will come and get you - gather you into me. Wherever I AM, you will be too. You know the Way!"

"Huh?" said Tom, "Show us the Way."

Jesus clarified: "I AM, the Way. I AM, the Truth. I AM, the Life. You can only approach Abba through His Son. If you know me, then you know Him. From this point forward, you do know and you do see."

"Huh?" asked Phil, "Show us the Father."

"It's clear as day, Phil. After all this time Phil, you still don't know me? You've seen me for a while - what do you mean 'show us'?

"Huh?" I say. Jesus tried again.

"Tim, I AM in Abba."

"I AM is in me, Tim."

Lord, forgive my thickness, but this is clear as mud...

So the Lord granted me grace and mercy: "Believe in me. But if you can't believe the bio I have shared with you, believe the vitae that I have showed you. If you but believe, your vitae will be even greater. Because, I'm going home to Abba."

I hear him remind me of his great works, and that, I too, have great works ahead of me. Surely, these greater works are far beyond weak me? So, he told me to bring up his name when I ask Father for help doing these things. "Whatever helpful thing you ask for in my name, I will help you do, for God's glory. If, you ask for any good thing for someone, I will do it. So chill, Tim, chill..."

From John 14


Suddenly, from out of nowhere, rumors of a man called Jesus were everywhere. King Herod's attorneys and advisors had all sorts of ide...