Saturday, May 6, 2017

How Can I Recognize Jesus?

The couple from Emmaus returned to their small group in Jerusalem and shared what had happened to them. They only recognized Jesus because he became their host: he  blessed the bread; he broke the bread; and he served the bread. 

At this point, Jesus appeared in the room with them - with the two. with the eleven, with the friends and families of the eleven. And his first words? "Shalom aleichem" (Peace be upon you)!

I personally love verse 41 which says that they did not believe Jesus was really there because they were so full of joy and amazement! They did not trust their own eyes, they did not trust that they were not seeing what they wanted to see. They were wise! Such wishful seeing is a trap all of us fall into, once in a while. Did Jesus make fun of them or chastise them for their lack of faith?

No. He joined them and ate some fish. Then they recognized him. Because he ate with them.

Where do you see Jesus in your life?

Where do you see Jesus within yourself?


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