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Whole In One

None can pledge real allegiance to the Lord Jesus, Unless the Spirit within them works to make it so.
There is a great diversity of gifts activated by the Spirit, Yet they are all blessings of One Spirit - Whole in One. There is a great diversity of ways to serve other people, Yet they are all graces from One Lord - Whole in One. There is a great diversity of good deeds to be doing, Yet they are all done through One God - Whole in One.
Why is every living human being uniquely gifted, unusually talented, differently impassioned, strangely warmed? To be better "people"? To be better "subjects"? To gain the golden ticket - to pass through the pearly gates? Paul believed that each and every one of us has been imbued our own personal "manifestation" of the Spirit. I like that word, "manifestation". A manifestation can be an event or a thing which embodies (incarnates) an abstract idea. It can be a sign or a symptom. Most importantly, it is manifestare - to m…

God's Selfie

"Dear Lord, we know that your creation is a picture of who you are. Show us your glory in the world around us. Let the earth be a means for us to draw closer to you as we recognize the wonders of your creation in the air around us, in the water that sustains us, and in the vast resources your earth provides us."
The Green Bible Devotional

(photography by tiwago)

Manifold Destiny

Meditation upon Psalm 104:24 (et al.)

"O LORD, how manifold are your works of creativity!"
Manifold: many, numerous, multitudinous, myriad, innumerable, varied, diversified, diverse, complex, multifarious...
It it not just the number of species made manifest that causes us awe, it is the diversity of life that lift some up by the largeness of Life, but causes others to fearfully feel small and insignificant. 

"In wisdom you have made it all; the Earth is full of your creativity."
Full: filled, replete, abounding, sated, surfeited, complete, whole, intact, perfect, all-inclusive, rich, resonant...
The cup of Creation was intended not to be viewed as half-full or half-empty, but as a whole, vessel and contents as one - a glass sufficient for our thirsts. Yet greed has made us rabid.

Yonder The Sea Wide and deep Full of Life Large and small Man and beast At play
All look to you Needs fulfilled Needs satisfied Your open hands It is good Without you It is bad
You breathe Life We inhale Life A…

To: My UMC; Some See...

some see weeds in every field some see brave new pioneers
some see weeds in tended gardens some see free spirits and will
some see weeds in native habitats some see colonizers some see immigrants
some see weeds some see flowers some see tares some see people some see one way some see another
how can i presume to weed out weeds if weeds are any other plant to me unless of course thistles
i hate thistles...


(photography by tiwago)

Braidwood Dunes

God said, let it be so, and it was; And God saw that it was good, and it was very very good.

Wild Thing

to many (too many) the Spirit is a wildflower joyous and surprising free growing where it will but unrefined but unrestrained but uncontrolled Jesus, spitting Jesus, making saliva mud Jesus, healing on the wrong day not a proper flower in a proper place wild wild wild
to many (too many) the Church is a rose by any other name

(Image: Hoary Puccoon; photography by tiwago)


What is a wildflower, if not a psalm sung by Creation?
Dependent upon both fire and water - each in measure.
Dancing with the fickle wind, while kissing the light.
Growing from out of fertile death and decay's remains.
Chancing discovery and consumption; a revelation of glory.
What a weak and mighty entity, that works such miracles;
Bringing me forgotten hope and joy, out of my long winter.



(photography by tiwago)


To some, a noble nobleman in an ignoble world - a Caesar;
Defender of Empire, a legislator passing laws, executing Christians.

A flower, a European colonial, invading our native woodlands;
Sometimes called Jacob's Ladder, connector of heaven and earth;
Pretty flower of many false hopes: healer of the trots and syphilis;
And of some toothy things: toothaches - animal bites - rabies.

In the good, there is always bad.
In the bad, there is often some good.
In the bad, there is the false promise of good,
And in the bad there is a true promise of good.
Maybe I, should then judge less -
Am I not Valerian too?

(image and poetry by tiwago)

How to Testify in the Court of Life - Being a Better Witness

Lectionary reading reflection - 1 Peter 3:1-22

No one is going to bother someone with a reputation for being eager to good things for others. But if they do harm you for doing the right thing, you are really lucky! (Great salesmanship Pete.)

"Don't fear what 'they' fear..." Now we're talking! Don't fear what bad people fear (God, judgment, public opinion, your parents, paternity tests, etc.) because you don't need to fear if you've not done fearful things. Don't fear as your enemy fears - if you recognize that many bad things are done by good people out of fear, and if you don't fear the dark like fearful people, yours will be the advantage. Do not live life in fear as the world does; do not allow it to control your life as the nations do.

"...and don't let them intimidate you." Resist! Persist! Bad people will always try to get you to backdown, and make you question your values - question yourself. If you have sacrificed your c…

How to Disagree

One of the Revised Common Lectionary readings for the Sixth Sunday of Easter is Acts 17:22-31; but the reading as presented leaves out a preface and a postscript that are important to me personally. I was made fun of for being intellectual (aka nerdy geek, pencil-neck...), and American society seems to respect intelligence less and less all the time. Politicians and religious leaders strive to sow discord by creating a false dichotomy between faith and reason. When I read the chosen excerpt of the text, I at first see yet another "religious" person making fun of intellectuals.

"You are soooo religious. You even worship an Unknown God (just to be safe?). Well, you're in luck! I'm here to make the unknown known to you." (verse 23)

Now, if you wanted a law-and-order, don't-ask-questions, don't-trust-educated-people society, you didn't need to look any further than the Roman Empire. But this was Greece, where people actually could make a living thinki…

Love Actually

Love is...
What happens when we take "Love" out of its context? It too easily becomes worldly greed and fleshy lust. We lose our way. yet, it is written that Love is a "more excellent way".
“But earnestly desire and strive for the greater gifts [if acquiring them is going to be your goal]. And yet I will show you a still more excellent way [one of the choicest graces and the highest of them all: unselfish love].
If I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love [for others growing out of God’s love for me], then I have become only a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal [just an annoying distraction]. And if I have the gift of prophecy [and speak a new message from God to the people], and understand all mysteries, and [possess] all knowledge; and if I have all [sufficient] faith so that I can remove mountains, but do not have love [reaching out to others], I am nothing. If I give all my possessions to feed the poor, and if I surrender my body to be burned,…

Keep Calm, and Believe (or Not)


"Take it easy on your hearts," Jesus told them. Fear-related bpm. Anger-induced BP. Stuff like that will kill you.

"Believe in God."

"Believe in me."

"I'm going to go open the house up for you. There is plenty of room for everyone; even you. I'll get your rooms ready for you. I will come and get you - gather you into me. Wherever I AM, you will be too. You know the Way!"

"Huh?" said Tom, "Show us the Way."

Jesus clarified: "I AM, the Way. I AM, the Truth. I AM, the Life. You can only approach Abba through His Son. If you know me, then you know Him. From this point forward, you do know and you do see."

"Huh?" asked Phil, "Show us the Father."

"It's clear as day, Phil. After all this time Phil, you still don't know me? You've seen me for a while - what do you mean 'show us'?

"Huh?" I say. Jesus tried again.

"Tim, I AM in Abba."

"I AM is in me,…

But, Filled With the Holy Spirit

But, filled with the Holy Spirit... Jesus had told his followers that the Spirit would breathe the words they needed upon their crosses. So, through Stephen, the Spirit spoke of the Father and the Son to those who were killing him.

But, they covered their ears.

But, they shouted to drown out the voice.

But, they rushed to get it over with; before anyone could change their minds.

There is no one as a deaf as one who will not listen. And yet, the Spirit spoke. The Spirit can be ignored with effort, but it can not be silenced.

As Stephen was being stoned, Saul (who will be Paul) was watching over people's clothes. In the past, I read it as though those who were throwing the stones were shucking their clothes so they could throw harder; but I noticed this time that it was the "witnesses" who laid their garments before him. I don't know what difference it makes. I don't know what it means that he watched the stuff for the watchers. I envision a party atmosphere like a hang…

How Can I Recognize Jesus?

The couple from Emmaus returned to their small group in Jerusalem and shared what had happened to them. They only recognized Jesus because he became their host: he  blessed the bread; he broke the bread; and he served the bread. 
At this point, Jesus appeared in the room with them - with the two. with the eleven, with the friends and families of the eleven. And his first words? "Shalom aleichem" (Peace be upon you)!
I personally love verse 41 which says that they did not believe Jesus was really there because they were so full of joy and amazement! They did not trust their own eyes, they did not trust that they were not seeing what they wanted to see. They were wise! Such wishful seeing is a trap all of us fall into, once in a while. Did Jesus make fun of them or chastise them for their lack of faith?
No. He joined them and ate some fish. Then they recognized him. Because he ate with them.
Where do you see Jesus in your life?
Where do you see Jesus within yourself?






The LORD, My GOD, He is ONE.
In mystery, Three; In heart, One.
The LORD, my GOD, Has One Body, But many Faces

~ Tiwago

(photography by tiwago)


Every snowflake was created unique. Every snowflake was modified by time and circumstances uniquely. Every snowflake looks fragile and weak. Every snowflake is beautiful.
A fellowship of snowflakes is a blessing to some, but a curse to others. A fellowship of snowflakes is a protective mantle. A fellowship of snowflakes is a blizzard. A fellowship of snowflakes levels the field.
                                                 ~ Tiwago

Things Built

Things by the mind desired - Things built by human hands, Last but just an earthly while.
Things by the Spirit inspired - Things built by human souls. Abide for a heavenly while.
And the Maker of the cosmos All the while, all the while,  All the while...

(photography by tiwago)

The Twenty-third Psalm

Jesus is my pastor; my vessel is full.
He created a pasture, and guides me over rapids.
He restores me wholly;   He leads me faithfully - for he is holy!
Tho I struggle in the night, I am not terrified - my shepherd is with me; urging and comforting me.
He prepared a bounty for me. He served it for all to see. He anointed me to a ministry. My cup is overflowing!
Certainly, goodness and mercy, will always be with me, As I live in my Abba's house.

(photography by tiwago)

Life Is an Endurance Sport

It is to your credit if you endure unjustified abuse. So what if you can tough-it out to get through pain caused by your own actions, any thug can do that. - but, if you do what is good and right, and suffer unfairly as a result, the Father sees the Son in you! 

You have been called to a beatitudinal life, as was Christ. He allowed himself to be abused and murdered not as a victim, but as a condemnation of evil. He did not threaten revenge or curse his circumstances. He embraced the opportunity to do something pure and good, and he left you an example to help you along the Way.

Innocent, but treated as a criminal. Violated, though he violated no one. Tortured, he blessed and he forgave. He surrendered himself to judgment; Knowing who the only true Judge is. He accepted the cruel cross to free us, That we may live on as hope-bearers.
By his taking on our brokenness, we have been made whole. The sheep have been returned to the Shepherd.

(photography by tiwago)

First Church

Churching 101:

They persevered by devoting themselves to:
     1. listening to, learning from, being with, and emulating the Witnesses;
     2. breaking real bread together in agape, and sharing Living Bread together in communion; and
     3. praying together.

Think of it - the Apostle Witnesses were right there with them. If the Apostles played Kevin Bacon, they were just one degree separated from Christ! They were the Patient Zeros from which the Movement of the Way would spread across the globe. Is it any wonder that First Church lived in AWE (not just awe, but AWE)? How does one respond to AWE via living?

"All who relied upon Christ were together and had all things in common." Srsly?

How do you do "together"? They first cut their anchors, exorcized their demons, and threw off the chains of their idols by selling their real-estate, their inheritances, their stuff. Then, they pooled together the proceeds of the sales. The scripture does not say that the money was divide…