Thursday, April 13, 2017

Table for Thirteen

When we share a table, we share
More than food or space or time,
We share ourselves with each other:
We testify to the events of our day;
And interpret the news of the world
(Apocryphally and anecdotally told -
Leavened with the bread of laughter);
There we plan yet again the past; and 
We remember the coming future.
We create a common experience,
A binding for community and unity.
It is an opportunity to share the grace
Of hospitality, the blessings of service.

Waiters know all about the Table,
For they serve a Table, not a thing.
Table is not a flat plank with legs:
One comes to Table as a destination;
One experiences Table as an event.
Those who share a table,
Become the Table.


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