Saturday, April 29, 2017


My soul breaks for thee my friend;
Through the cracks flow the tears.
My beloved denomination spoke:
Telling you my dear to fuck-off;
To stop rocking their boat;
To suck it up and comply;
To circumcise your love!

You are of lesser worth...
So, our hearts are not fully open.
So, our minds are not fully open.
So, our doors are not fully open.

What hope can I lend you but
The grace and mercy of your God?
Jesus loves you, this I know -
Regardlessly, compassionately;
Wholly and holy beloved. 

I am sorry.
I AM sorrows.

What must we do?
What would God have of us?
Do we cleanse the Temple, or
Is it time to tear it down again? 
Do we stay or do we go now?
What do we do when love is
Proscribed, restricted, illegal?
When being real, being God-formed,
Being honest is heresy, then what?
Now what?

~ Tiwago


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