Monday, April 24, 2017

Naked in the Garden

"Indeed, there were forests,
     abundance of rain.
But in our ignorance and greed
     we left the land naked.
Like a person in shame,
     our country is shy
     in its nakedness."

From a liturgy of tree-planting eucharist;
the Association of African Earth-keeping Churches

"God takes the initiative to restore the ravaged earth, but his divine commission to deliver the earth from its malady lies within the body of Christian believers, the church. The deliverance finds expressions on kufukidza nyika, that is, "to clothe the land" with trees. This mission is clearly seen as an extension of Christ's healing ministry, which his disciples must fulfill."

M. L. Daneel

From "African Independent Churches Face the Challenge of Environmental Ethics", in Ecotheology: Voices From South and North; 1994

(photography by tiwago)


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