Friday, April 14, 2017

Jesus Died

Jesus died for me -
He died for all of us.
He died to show us:
How low we would go;
How low he would come;
How high he would rise;
How high we'd arise.

Jesus didn't die,
Because he was the Son;
Or even,
Because he was our Brother.
He died, 
Because he was the Father.
The child does not die for the parent;
But the Mother dies for her children.

Jesus didn't die for Friday,
But for Sunday;
Not for Passover,
But for Easter.
Not for dark night,
But for bright light.

Jesus was born to be present,
And he lived to be present.
Jesus died to be present,
And was buried to be absent.
Jesus rose to be present:
To walk beside us;
To eat with us.

God is Love:
God incarnated for Love;
Jesus died for Love -
Can we not at least,
Live for Love?

Jesus died,
To show us how to die.
Jesus died,
To show us how to live.
I AM died, 
To show us how TO BE.

Jesus died, because humans die.
Jesus died because he was full human:
Pregnancy and labor;
Infancy and childhood;
Learning and working;
Teaching and healing;
Loving, laughing, crying.
He in we and we in he -
Jesus lives.


photography by tiwago


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