Wednesday, March 22, 2017

John, Act Nine, Scene One

A teacher and his class enter stage left, into a crowded street scene. His students look stage right, and see a man one of them knows.

Student: "Teacher, that man has been blind since birth; was it because of his or his parents' sin? And if it was his, how could he have sinned before he was born?"

Teacher: "As you know, neither."

The Teacher makes a poultice of honest spit and good old red adama clay. He approaches the blind man, and without asking, puts the mud in his unseeing eyes.

Teacher: "I AM the light of the world. Go to the pool named Sent and clean your eyes."

The man does as instructed. As he's trying to interpret the strange new sights streaming into his brain, the crowd around him implodes.

Woman #1: "Isn't that the man who used to sit on this very corner and beg?"

The Not-Blind Man: "Yes, it's me."

Woman #1: "I gave him my hard-earned money - he's a con-man!"

Man #1: "It sure is him!"

Man #2: "No it can't be! I knew him and he really was blind - born blind."

The Not-Blind Man: "Yes, it is me!"

Man #1: "Then how come you can see all of a sudden?"

The Not-Blind Man: "A man they called Jesus stuck some gunk in my eyes and told me to go wash it out. I had to get the stuff out of my eyes anyway, so I did it - and then I COULD SEE!"

Woman #2: "Seriously? Where is this imaginary man?"

The Not-Blind Man: "I don't know; when I came back, he was gone!"

Since the whole thing smells like old fish, several of the more up-right citizens drag the poor man to a squabbling pack of Pharisees. They question the man closely to determine if this Jesus has sinned by working on the Sabbath.

Pharisees on the right: "This is NOT a Godly man - he made mud on the Sabbath!"

Pharisees on the left: "He must be a Prophet! Who else could heal a man's eye-sight with mere mud?"

Pharisees on the right: "Maybe this is a hoax, and this man was never blind in the first place. Go bring his parents to us! We'll get to the bottom of this right now."

The frightened parents are shoved in front of the Pharisees, but then are stunned when they see their son's tears and can tell that he sees them for the first time in his life!

Dad: "I have no idea why he can see now. Isn't it wonderful?"

Mom: "We don't know who healed him. It's a miracle!"

Dad: "He's an adult and can speak for himself; did you ask him about it?"

The man is brought forward again.

Pharisees on the left: "Glory to God!"

Pharisees on the right: "We know this stranger of yours is a sinner - admit he sinned by giving you your vision!"

The Not-Blind Man: "I am not an expert on the Law. All I know is that I once was blind, but now I see."

Pharisees on the right: "Tell us again, what did he do?"

The Not-Blind Man: "I have already told you. But you ignored me. Why do you want me to tell you again; to trap me? Or, do you want to become his students?"

Pharisees on the right and on the left united as a Chorus: "You may follow this huckster, but we follow our One Law! God spoke to Moses, but we know nothing about Jesus."

The Not-Blind Man: "Isn't that amazing? You've never heard of him and don't know his lineage, and yet, he still was able to give me sight. God doesn't do the bidding of sinners, yet He healed me through Jesus. Have any of you ever read about or heard of anyone ever gaining sight who never had it before? If this man were not of God, what he did would have been impossible!"

Pharisees on the right: "You were born under the cloud of sin! You dare try to teach us the Law!"

The Pharisees band together to drive off the man and his family. Jesus, hearing that the man is being driven out of the Synagogue comes to visit him as he comes out into the street.

Jesus: "Do you believe in the Son of Man?"

The Not-Blind Man: "Instruct me Teacher, so I may know him."

Jesus: "You have already seen him. He stands here before you."

The Not-Blind Man: "I believe!"

The man, who has been made whole with physical and spiritual vision, kneels and worships the Lord.

Jesus: "I came to judge people by giving the blind vision, and by taking away the sight of those who think they see all."

The Chorus of Pharisees: "Surely, he didn't just call us blind?"

Jesus: "No, for if you were blind, there would be no guilt laid upon you - but as you say, you can see."


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