Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Birth Announcement

Surrounded by the Glory,
Before a fearsome Angel,
Frightened Shepherds trembled,
In the fields amidst their flocks.

"You do not need to fear me,"
The Angel spoke to calm them;
For when blood is rushing,
Our ears hear only murmurs,
As though submerged in water.

"I bring you the good news:
The good news of great joy;
A great joy for all peoples!
Today in a poor tiny hamlet,
In a place named for Bread,
In insignificant Bethlehem,
The village of King David,
Your savior has been born,
Christ your King has come.

You will know him by this sign,
The World's Messiah swaddled,
The Anointed One born in a barn.


(Luke 2:8-12)
(photography by tiwago)


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