Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Psalmic #Poetry - The Thirty-Sixth, Don't Tread on Me:

Sin speaks to the heart of Evil -
Their eyes are closed to Good.
They puff themselves all up -
Thinking others are blind too.
Their words are cancerous -
They have become inhumane.
Their dreams are schemes -
They dance with their devils.
Your steady love O my Lord
Extends beyond the universe.
Your justice is a mighty rock.
Your mercy fills the deeps.
You save humanity and Your
Other animals O Creator.
Dear is Your constant love,
That we all nestle safe under
The shade of Your wings.
We feast on Your grace.
We drink from the river
Of living water and spirit.
You are the spring of Life.
We see light in Your Light.
Keep loving us O Love!
Keep saving us O Savior.
Don't let the mighty rich
Stomp us into the dirt
Or drive us from You
With the scourge of fear.
Let it be them who lay down
Unable to raise themselves.
(Retold by Tiwago)

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