Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Psalmic #Poetry - Rejoicing With The Nineteenth:


The universe tells The story.
The cosmos shows His art.
Not in words but in poetry.
Not in speech but in music.
There is a wedding tent
From which the sun comes;
A groom running to church.
We bask in his joyous run.
The Word is true perfection.
Makes us all the wiser by it.
The Idea behind the Word
Lets us see the world clearly.
The Awe of that root Idea
Helps us to live good lives.
More desirable than gold.
Sweeter than a honeycomb.
They guide Your servants.
They bless Your servants.
None can see themselves
Without looking in a mirror.
None can see their errors.
Forgive me my hidden sins.
Keep me away from jerks.
Don't let me follow them.
Only then can I be good;
Free of my sinful nature.
Let the words of my mouth,
And the thoughts of my mind,
Be pleasing to You O Lord,
My fortress and salvation.
(Retold by Tiwago)

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