Friday, November 30, 2012

What Did The Mayans Know?

"There will be storms of solar flares irradiating the Earth. XXX spam and laser porn will be reflected off the moon's surface. The stars in Hollywood will prophesy. The governments of the world will be swamped by tidal waves. People will be faint with fear of what corporate news tells them tomorrow will bring. Heaven will shake in labor. Then will come again the Son of Man in all power and glory.
When these things start, look up - freedom comes!"
Then Jesus instructed them: "Look at the trees. When the leaves sprout in spring, you know summer is coming don't you? So too with these things. When you see the signs sprout, you know the Kingdom is nigh. It will happen in your generation, as it happens in each and every generation. The old separated Heaven and Earth will end for you, but my Words will live on in a newly unified Kingdom."
He continued: "Be ready. Don't despair. Don't spread your passion thin, calling lust 'love'. Don't try to escape the mud through drugs or other easy ways. They are all traps. The Kingdom comes - it comes for all.
Be ready. Pray for strength. Pray for the confidence to stand tall before the Son's love."
(Luke 21:25-36 retold)

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