Thursday, November 29, 2012

Psalmic #Poetry - The Prayer On My Money:

1. To You O Lord
We lift up our money.
2. "In God we trust"!
Don't let America be embarrassed.
Don't let America's foes triumph.
3. Don't let patriots be shamed.
But let the traitors be ashamed.
4. Make Your will known to us.
Teach us Your Way.
5. Lead us to Your Truth.
Teach us to no longer lie.
You're our saving Grace!
We wait and wait for You.
6. Don't forget Your Mercy!
You love us forever and more -
With Alpha and Omega Love.
7. Don't remember our yore,
Our weaknesses and sins.
Remember that You love us
Forever and for even more,
Because You are Good!
8. You are Good and Right.
Lead us down that Path.
9. Make us Good and Right.
Give us light to see the Way.
10. All of Your many roads
Lead to Love and to Faith:
For those who truly love;
For those who're faithful.
(Psalm 25:1-10 retold by Tiwago)

  • When we look on our money, how many of us leave it at verse 2?
  • Is verse 3 and exceptionalism becoming a greater factor in our public life?
  • Do we trust in God as a motto or as a prayer?
  • Do we trust God to make us powerful because we are right, or do we trust God to make us right through His power?

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