Friday, November 9, 2012

Beware the Two-Faced Church-Goer:

("A Widow's Mite" by John Everet Millais; Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery)


Jesus taught them: "Beware of the church-goer who wears expensive power-suits and dresses, those who: expect to be treated specially; put their names on bronze plaques through-out the church; and use their money to try to rule the congregation. At work they foreclose the homes of the poor, all the while decrying the loss of public prayer and Christmas in school. When judgment comes, they will be condemned far beyond what we can do here today."
He pointed out those paying taxes. The rich bragged or complained about the dollar amount they gave, but it was a poor old widow that Jesus lifted up to them. She made so little, yet she gave her pennies without complaint.
"This 'victim'", Jesus told them "has given more generously than all the so-called 'bastions of society'. Where they gave out of their excess, she gave her next meal!"
(Retelling of Mark 12:38-44)

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