Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Psalmic Poetry - The Twenty-Sixth; Forget What I've Done, But Not Who I Am!

A song by King David:
Prove me right, Lord!
I've walk tall and proud
Of my moral stature
With You before me
I see Your eternal love
I toddle to Your arms
I don't hang with thugs
I ignore all hypocrites
I hate all who do bad
I avoid wrong-doers
I wash my hands of sin
Dancing at Your altar
I sing so all can hear
About Your greatness
I love Your mansion
I love Your temple
Don't sweep me up
And throw me away
Don't take me away
With the vampires
Who show weapons
And reach for bribes
Prove me right, Lord
See my moral stature
Forget about the rape
And about Bathsheba
Forgive my murdering
Faithful soldier Uriah
Redeem me from me
Give me Your grace
Give me Your mercy
Let me know where I stand
And before all Your Kingdom
I will bless Your holy name
(As retold by Tiwago)


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