Friday, February 10, 2012

Psalmic #Poetry - The Thirtieth

Photography by Tiwago

I shall extol you.
You pulled me up.
My foes could not
dance on my grave.
I cried in pain.
Begged for help.
You have healed
my brokeness.
You drew me up
from Sheol's shade.
You restored me
into the bright light.
Sing of El-Shaddai!
Sing you faithful few!
Sing His holy names!
Sing your gratitude!
Azlan's anger is short.
His love is forever.
I may weep at night
but joy rides the dawn.
When all went well
I was Peter brave.
When You hid away
I was bereft and lost.
I cried out to my Abba!
Pled to God of my fathers!
Bargained with the Creator!
Challenged the one I AM!
What does it prove if I die?
Will my doom honor You?
Will my dust praise You?
Will it show You faithful?
My Shepherd, hear me.
Show me grace, Adonai.
Be with me Immanuel.
Be my Almighty strength.
You've turned my sorrow
into most joyous dancing.
You've lifted my mourning -
clothed me in bright colors.
My soul must sing out!
I can not keep it in!
Lord My God, accept
my eternal thanks.
(Psalm 30 Retold by Tiwago)

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