Wednesday, September 29, 2010


The Text for October 3, 2010; Part One - Habakkuk 1:1-4 and 2:1-4

This is the vision that I saw.

I saw myself complaining to Yahweh! “Lord! I cry and cry for help – and You just ignore me? There is violence and death in the streets all around me – and You do NOTHING? Why did You make me different from everyone else? I can’t just overlook all the wrongs done to others; I can not become immune to the pain of others! The law only serves some now, and justice no longer prevails. The righteous few are drowning in a sea of wickedness; justice has been perverted…”

Habakkuk by James jacques Tissot 18.38X34.00. Art Poster PrintYet, suddenly I saw myself standing witness - a lookout in a watch-tower, a guard on a rampart. I awaited His Word. What could He possibly say to justify His lack of action? How would He address my complaint against Him? And answer me He did!

“Write down your dark vision Havaqquq; write it clear as day and write it to last for all time. For you are not the only one who feels lost. Let them know that there still is a vision alive in the world of the Kingdom. It’s coming in My appointed time - not when you think you need it. Don’t be like the proud and try to guilt Me into action! Look at all the pain caused by the proud ones around you. See, their spirits just aren’t right. Look instead at the living testimony of those who are righteous, those who live out their faith. Their My vision dwells”

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Janet said...

What a great scripture that reminds us that God isn't silent. I love how scripture speaks to us and how it applies to our world at all times. Thank you for sharing it. So appropriate for today.