Tuesday, October 13, 2015


From a tornado, God spoke to Job. Imagine James Earl Jones' voice with the amp turned to infinity, and the woofers deep in the bedrock!

"Who are you to darken my day with your ignorant 'common-sense'? Pull up your big boy pants, Job! You had your turn - now I will ask the questions:

I don't remember seeing you when I laid the foundation of the Earth - were you hiding somewhere? What did you see?

Who measured creation? Was it you?

What lies below the foundation? Did you set the cornerstone?

Have you heard the stellar choir or the heavenly praise band?

Can you do lightning, just to say howdy?

Where does wisdom come? Are you the font of understanding?

Have you counted the clouds lately?

Can you tilt the universe so that cosmic dust comes together to form planets?

How often have you been a lioness providing for her cubs and the pride?

Does the raven come to you when its young is hungry?"

(from Job 38:1-7 & 34-41)

Friday, October 9, 2015


I asked the Teacher: "Jesus, how do I earn my salvation?"

"Do you follow the law?"

Excellent! "Certainly," I said, "I am a very law-abiding and a most devoutly religious man!"

"You are still a child. Go, sell everything you own, and give it to the poor, then you will be my follower."

Slowly, I eased away, merging into the crowd. I am owned by many things, and they will not let me follow him...

(taken from Mark 10)

Wednesday, October 7, 2015


You! You turn Justice into rot and decay. You lower the bar of righteousness.

You! You hate being called out and exposed. You hate those who speak the Truth.

You! You have gotten fat by taking food from the poor. You have built mansions with their money. You have planted vineyards with their labor.

I know all your abuses! You will not long dwell in peace in your mansions. You will not enjoy your wine of stolen sweat and tears.

You! You who are a cancer to society. You whose power can be purchased. You who ignore those in need. You!

~ God

(taken from Amos 5)

Monday, October 5, 2015

The Forsaken.

My God!
My God!
Why O why,
Have You,
Forsaken me?

You make me bitter /
Your hand is an iron fist ||
Immune to my tears!

My God!
My God!
Why O why,
Have You,
Forsaken me?

Your face is hidden /
I search everywhere for You ||
To show You my face!

My God!
My God!
Why O why,
Have You,
Forsaken me?

My case is prepared /
My arguments are ready ||
Why do You hate me?

My God!
My God!
Why O why,
Have You,
Forsaken me?

~ Tiwago (taken from Job 23:2-4 and Psalm 22:1)

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Naked Thoughts on Mark 10 and "Traditional" Marriage.

Some conservative politicians and religious authorities wanted to trap him, so they asked him: "Is divorce allowed?"

Jesus asked them: "What does your Law say?"

They answered: "The Law says that a clerk may issue a certificate of divorce."

He responded: "The Law was written this way to protect people from the wickedness of others. Scripture tells us that we were made to complement each other so that we may come together as one, and that those who have been thus joined together may not be ripped apart by man. Our Law says it is legal, even though our earlier writings speak against it! Should the clerk follow the Law, or other pieces of scripture?" Befuddled, they walked off.

His students asked him about this later. He said: "A divorced person who remarries is an adulterer."