Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wherein The Naked Alien Exposes Himself!

Christian Poets and Writers interviewed me about my writing as The Naked Alien, and as Tiwago (TImothy WAyne GOod). 

I was both surprised and honored to have been asked! My head is swelling a little...

Let me know what you think, please. Maybe, I'll keep writing?

The New 10.

Paul's Ten Rules:
1. Really love people. Beware of lust, or greed, or fear masquerading as love. Hate what is hurtful and harmful to others. Stand firm for goodness.
2. Let yourself be loved as well. Love is something that is shared. Give others more respect and dignity than they give you.
3. Do not be apathetic, but let the Spirit be aflame in you. Serve the Lord with enthusiasm.
4. Take joy, you have hope. Be patient and pray when hope seems lost.
5. See to the needs of others, even strangers and aliens.
6. Show mercy and grace to those who are mean to you. Do not curse bullies - bless them.
7. Live an empathetic life: party with those who party; mourn with those who mourn. Give people the gift of your presence.
8. Live in harmony with the world. Don't be a pig-headed know-it-all or prima donna. Remember that you are never as wise as you think you are.
9. Do not ever ever return bad for bad. Take the highest road you can reach.
10. To the best of your ability within the circumstances, be at peace.
If you focus on vengeance, you do not leave room for God to work in the offender, in the victim, or in you. What right do you have to steal judgement and punishment (or grace) from God? Give good for bad. If your enemy is hungry, if they are thirsty, care for their needs. Your being nice to nasty people is torture to them and takes away their fun! You will never, I repeat NEVER, defeat evil by doing evil! The only thing that takes badness down is goodness.
(Retelling of Romans 12:9-21)

Monday, August 25, 2014

Immigrants 5.

(Painting by Domenico Fetti)
Some Naked Thoughts on Exodus 3:1-15.
Our story does not take place in The Wilderness - it happens in a place "beyond wilderness"! Farther than far. Stranger than strange. Way outside the box.
We see a bush that does not burn (props to God for the props!). This to me is an important key - God wants a disciple/apostle who is curious and open-minded enough to turn aside and peer into the burning heart of mystery.
"I AM the God of your ancestors. I have seen my people cry, and have come down to save them and give them a home in Canaan. I have heard them crying. I AM here." Is this old memory part of our fear today? Do we remember what we did to Canaan, but forget what happened to us in Egypt?
Moses begs off, but God says: "We're doing this. I'll be with you."
"God, even if I convince Pharaoh, I will never convince your people. Am I to say that a bush sent me? They will shut their ears to me!"
God: "Tell them you're on a mission from me."
"But they will want to know who 'me' is."
"I AM WHO I AM. Tell them that I AM sent you to save them. I AM, the God of their ancestors, has sent you. I AM forever. My name shall ever be I AM. Let them put that in their hookahs and smoke it..."

Friday, August 22, 2014

Apostolic Poetry - Say No To Cookie-Cutter Christianity.

I beg of you,
For mercy's sake,
To know that the scars,
Of your living sacrifices,
Are Holy to God -
As worship.
Don't be afraid,
To be different!
Let your mind grow,
As you observe;
Always learning,
To discern God.
Laugh at yourself!
Be slow to judge -
Remember God,
Gives each one,
A different faith,
A different gift.
If we all act the same,
If we all think the same,
If we all are "normal",
If we all try to fit in,
If we all have one dream,
A Body we are not.
To each a gift:
To speak, or
To serve, or
To teach, or
To preach, or
To give, or
To lead, or
To love.
Each gift beyond any price.
Each gift given individually,
For the benefit of the whole.
(Romans 12:1-8 told by Tiwago)

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Naked Thoughts on Isaiah 51:1-6 - Clay and Mud.

Isaiah reminds us that is we want to see a righteous future, we need to look back at out historic foundation. He uses imagery of rocks and quarries to refer to ancestors. He could have gone further back. First Man was quarried from common red clay. Clay comes from decayed granite. Humanity rose from the mud of decomposition - recycled elements of history. Man is symbolically created from a medium that represents chaos and destruction. From dirt to dirt we live and die, but from dirt to dirt we also die and live.
From soil comes new life. Isaiah shares a vision where our wastelands will again bloom and become fecund. Where the Garden of the Lord will fill the land, and all creation will be restored to its natural glory.
But in the interim, we have a mission. We have received a teaching of justice which we must shine as search light for all the world to see. A time will come someday, when all of physical creation will cease to be.
And we will not care.