Life and Death

They utter Their Voice.
     They breathe Their Breath.
          They speak Their Word.
And so there comes,
     A deluge from the sky,
          A mist rising from the ground.
To pair with the rain, 
     They make lightning;
And from Their treasure-house,
     They release the winds.

Everyone is ignorant
Without knowledge
The rich are brought down by their money:
     For the faces on bills and coins are false;
     For there is no Breath within them -
          They worship dead and deadly idols.

Tiwago from Jeremiah 10:13&14

(photography by tiwago)


(photography by tiwago)

Let Us Rejoice and Be Glad In It

when i need to be alone i go out when i am lonely i go out when i need to get out of my head i go out when i need to be with him i go out when i need to find me i go out when i need to find peace i go out when i need healing i go out when i close my eyes i go out when i fold my hands i go out


(photography by tiwago)

Love Wins

People say "Love wins" As if it was a magic spell Hoping to ward off Evil Without their loving first.
People say "Love wins" As if it was an iron shield Hiding behind its strength After first shooting arrows.
People say "Love wins" Then let Hate beat the crap Out of someone else because They're from another tribe.
People say "Love wins" Then let plutocrats destroy Country and environment And make us hate each other.
People say "Love wins" Meaning that I have to love them And let them hate me all the while And let them hate who they want.
People say "Love wins" While children are dying While women are beaten While men are murdered.
People say "Love wins" Telling me to be a "good" boy That I be quiet and complicit. That we must look out for us.
I only see Hate winning today Christians dance with the devil The Law has been purchased Yet people say "Love wins"?
Love is the mortar of civilization But roaches are eating away at it …


individually we
are such wispy things
but when we grow
and when we stand
we become green


(photography by tiwago)

I Am Ishmael

My name is Ishma-El - in the language of my people, it means "God Hears". When I was young, I was always taught to believe that it meant that my birth (that I) was the answer to a prayer! But later, on the verge of manhood, I learned a truth that no child should know; one full of both bitterness and grace. I had two mothers, and when I was young, I thought that they both loved and cherished me above all else in the world. But again, there was that coming bitter truth waiting to be revealed.

My father was Abraham, and his beloved wife was Sarah. God promised them that Sarah would bear my father a son to be the caretaker of God's covenant with mankind. But Sarah grew tired of waiting - they weren't getting any younger after all! So she directed my father to be with her slave girl, Hajar. As long as there has been slavery, masters have always had children by their slaves. But this was not technically a rape or other illegitimate birth. By the laws of the Patriarchs like …

A Certain Way of Lighting

There's this "thing";
This early morning before the rush thing;
A when the sun rises above the false horizon of the tree-line along the creek thing.

The yellow light of a fresh-risen sun,
Selectively graces the tender new leaves of a compass-plant -
Transfiguring glorification from ephemeral light.

Once Lord,
Just once,
I want to glow like that;
But it is no longer morning,
And I worry that my leaves,
Are too old, too hardened, and too thick,
To ever glow like that.

And, what if Lord,
What if the light has passed me by Lord, while I was too busy?
What if I have glowed once, but was tragically unaware?


(photography by tiwago)