To: My UMC; Some See...

some see weeds in every field some see brave new pioneers
some see weeds in tended gardens some see free spirits and will
some see weeds in native habitats some see colonizers some see immigrants
some see weeds some see flowers some see tares some see people some see one way some see another
how can i presume to weed out weeds if weeds are any other plant to me unless of course thistles
i hate thistles...


(photography by tiwago)

Braidwood Dunes

God said, let it be so, and it was; And God saw that it was good, and it was very very good.

Wild Thing

to many (too many) the Spirit is a wildflower joyous and surprising free growing where it will but unrefined but unrestrained but uncontrolled Jesus, spitting Jesus, making saliva mud Jesus, healing on the wrong day not a proper flower in a proper place wild wild wild
to many (too many) the Church is a rose by any other name

(Image: Hoary Puccoon; photography by tiwago)


What is a wildflower, if not a psalm sung by Creation?
Dependent upon both fire and water - each in measure.
Dancing with the fickle wind, while kissing the light.
Growing from out of fertile death and decay's remains.
Chancing discovery and consumption; a revelation of glory.
What a weak and mighty entity, that works such miracles;
Bringing me forgotten hope and joy, out of my long winter.



(photography by tiwago)


To some, a noble nobleman in an ignoble world - a Caesar;
Defender of Empire, a legislator passing laws, executing Christians.

A flower, a European colonial, invading our native woodlands;
Sometimes called Jacob's Ladder, connector of heaven and earth;
Pretty flower of many false hopes: healer of the trots and syphilis;
And of some toothy things: toothaches - animal bites - rabies.

In the good, there is always bad.
In the bad, there is often some good.
In the bad, there is the false promise of good,
And in the bad there is a true promise of good.
Maybe I, should then judge less -
Am I not Valerian too?

(image and poetry by tiwago)

How to Testify in the Court of Life - Being a Better Witness

Lectionary reading reflection - 1 Peter 3:1-22

No one is going to bother someone with a reputation for being eager to good things for others. But if they do harm you for doing the right thing, you are really lucky! (Great salesmanship Pete.)

"Don't fear what 'they' fear..." Now we're talking! Don't fear what bad people fear (God, judgment, public opinion, your parents, paternity tests, etc.) because you don't need to fear if you've not done fearful things. Don't fear as your enemy fears - if you recognize that many bad things are done by good people out of fear, and if you don't fear the dark like fearful people, yours will be the advantage. Do not live life in fear as the world does; do not allow it to control your life as the nations do.

"...and don't let them intimidate you." Resist! Persist! Bad people will always try to get you to backdown, and make you question your values - question yourself. If you have sacrificed your c…

How to Disagree

One of the Revised Common Lectionary readings for the Sixth Sunday of Easter is Acts 17:22-31; but the reading as presented leaves out a preface and a postscript that are important to me personally. I was made fun of for being intellectual (aka nerdy geek, pencil-neck...), and American society seems to respect intelligence less and less all the time. Politicians and religious leaders strive to sow discord by creating a false dichotomy between faith and reason. When I read the chosen excerpt of the text, I at first see yet another "religious" person making fun of intellectuals.

"You are soooo religious. You even worship an Unknown God (just to be safe?). Well, you're in luck! I'm here to make the unknown known to you." (verse 23)

Now, if you wanted a law-and-order, don't-ask-questions, don't-trust-educated-people society, you didn't need to look any further than the Roman Empire. But this was Greece, where people actually could make a living thinki…