Monday, December 11, 2017

Advent: A New Hope; Part 1

I am called Isaiah, and
The Spirit's crisp Breath 
Cleanses my lungs, and
Oxygenates my every cell;
Clarifying my muddled mind.

Abba's oil drips from my hair;
Diamonds decorating my beard!
Anointed for one great mission:
To bear good tidings of Hope;
And announce the coming of Joy.

Good news to all who are oppressed
By government, religion, or people.

Mending and healing those of us
Whose hearts are broken vessels.

To emancipate those held captive
By sex or drugs, by fame or money.

To release those imprissioned
By injustice, or prejudgments. 

To be a herald of God's Love,
And to Their coming judgment.

To comfort all those who mourn:
Garlands instead of thorns;
Gladness instead of sadness;
Thankful hearts instead of 
Fretful nerves and stomachs.

They will be mighty oaks,
Sacred trees of holiness;
A glorious prairie grove!

They will fix infrastructures:
Repairing broken communities;
Restoring a devastated planet.

~ Tiwago

(From Isaiah 61:1-4)

(photography by tiwago)

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Advent; The Beginning of Good News

The beginning of
the Good News of
Jesus the Christ
(the Son of God)
written by old
Prophet Isaiah
long, long, ago:

"Make the Way
straight and easy!"
[Do we still hear 
Wild John,
or do we plot
an obstacle course?]

Wild and untamed,
John stood straight
in the Wilderness,
preaching repentance,
teaching forgiveness -
and so, they came to him,
to be washed clean.

Wild and untamed,
the image of Creation,
he spread the Good News:
"One comes after me
who is more
than me;
I am blessed
with undue grace!
I baptize with cleansing water,
but he who is coming
(the Living Water)
will baptize with purify fire,
with the Holy Spirit."

~ Tiwago

(From Mark 1:1-8)

(photography by tiwago)

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Advent: Tidings of Comfort and Joy

I do not have true "wilderness" here in northern Illinois, but I do have natural areas. Sometimes, I just want to go outdoors and yell!

Comforters: Give comfort to my people - they are distraught and depressed. Speak to them with tenderness, crying with them; let them know that the long night is coming to an end...

Hark, the Herald Angel sings: "Go into the Wilderness and prepare for the coming of the Lord; find a clear path among the trees. The low will be raised up, and the high shall be brought down - earthly disparity will give way to heavenly equality. The trail will be easy to follow and safe from stumbling obstacles. There you will see the Glory of the Lord (everyone will recognize it); the breathe of the Lord will grace your cheek."

"SCREAM!" I hear a voice say - so I scream: "WHAT?" 

"Tell them that beautiful flowers wither away, green leaves turn to parchment and float to the ground, the breeze dances through the trees. So is life for us all. But life continues anew; death is always reclaimed. God waits with us."

Hark, the Herald Angel sings: "Go. Tell it on the Mountain - tidings of comfort and joy: 'Fear not.' Hear me: God is here! See? The Lord comes in power and in might. With grace and mercy, the Shepherd will feed the flock. The young will nestle in his strong, but gentle, arms; and soft will be his hand upon the Mother.

(From Isaiah 40:1-11)

(photography by tiwago)

Saturday, December 2, 2017

An Advent Haiku

trees shed their glory,
as calendars pass away -
i dream of green life...

                 ~ tiwago


(photography by tiwago)

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Advent Meditation - Keep Awake

In coming days,
After the great Suffering,
The Sun will grow dim and cold,
And no light will reflect off of the Moon,
And like embers from a fire, the stars will fall down,
As time and space are shaken apart;
They will see the Son of Man coming,
In all power and all glory.

The Heavenly Host will go forth -
The Earthly Saints will come forth.

Learn the lesson of the Fig Tree:
When its green leaves come forth,
We know that summer is nearby -
When we see these cosmic things,
We know that the Son is nearby.

Summer will be here any day now!
The Universe will die some day:
But my words will not die;
But the Word will not die;
Some unknowable day.
Keep awake!
Stay woke!
He comes:
Keep awake.
Stay woke;

(From Mark 13:24-37)

Jesus saw that the tree bore leaves but no figs, so he cursed it. (Mark 11:12&13)

Could you not keep awake? (Mark 14:37&38)

(Painting by Jean Cousin)

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Come Down! Advent Prayers

Advent prayers are psalmic lamentations, and pleadings for incarnation within us and within the world.

Heaven is not a gated-community;
Sunder the gate and come down!
Let the mountain-tops tremble;
Let the prairie-fires renew the grass;
Let stagnant water turn to living steam;
Let my enemies know Your name;
Let all the nations be discomforted.

Awesome are Your surprising acts,
When You came down -
The roots of the mountains trembled!
No ear has heard such as You;
No eye has seen such as You;
No tongue has tasted such as You;
No skin has felt such as You; 
No nose has smelled such as You;
No mind has perceived such as You;
Nothing fills me such as You!

You wait upon those who wait;
You live with those who do good.
But, most of us do little for others,
So You withdrew Yourself from us.
You withdrew from us, so we sinned.
We are polluted, our motives are bad,
So our works are soured dish-cloths.

We're fading away like autumn leaves;
Our wrongs are the stiff winds of fall,
And we are blown far from the Tree.

No one calls on You,
Because You're gone!
You've turned away;
You've handed us
Over to ourselves,
And so we suffer.

But, You are Father and Mother,
But, You are Potter and Mender,
And we, Your precious Kintsugi!

Don't hate us anymore!
Don't ignore us forever!
Think of us all;
We are Your 

(From Isaiah 64:1-9)

Stir Yourself; come down and save us from the evil within us! Restore us, Abba, by smiling at us again - save us from Your absence. How much longer will our every prayer bring about Your wrath? Our daily bread is a communion by intincture (sopped in our own tears), and the chalice is full of Your salty teardrops. 

Our nation is a joke to the nations, and the world laughs at us. Restore us, Abba, by smiling at us again - save us from Your absence. Lay Your hand upon Your Anointed-One, full of Your might. Then we'll never turn from You! Breathe upon us again, and we will call on You! Restore us, Abba, by smiling at us again - save us from Your absence.

(From Psalm 80:2-7 and 17-19)

(photography by tiwago)

Friday, November 24, 2017

Not By / But By

Not by
A little harder
It into being
Not by
Any possible effort
Do I become
The real
The actual
The realized 
The whole
The perfected

But by
Letting go
And by
And by 
And by
I come
To truly

~ Tiwago

(photography by tiwago)

Advent: A New Hope; Part 1

I am called Isaiah, and The Spirit's crisp Breath  Cleanses my lungs, and Oxygenates my every cell; Clarifying my muddled m...