Friday, April 18, 2014

On An Easter Morn.

(“The Women at the Sepulchre” by Benjamin West)

On Sunday's dawning, two Marys arrived at the tomb.
They were felled by a sudden powerful earthquake as a heavenly angel removed the heavy stone door for them. The angel, who sat upon the stone and waited for them to regain their feet, was like lightning, creating an image in the back of their eyes, and wore a whiteness unknowable to humans. The strong brave guards from the Temple and from the Empire froze in trembling fear. The only thing moving were the women.
"Don't be afraid. I know that you came to see the abused corpse of your executed friend and teacher. But he is no longer here. He has been raised up. Come and see."
They went inside, and touched the empty spot where the body should have been.
"Go now! Tell the other disciples that he is no longer dead. Tell them that like the fiery column in the wilderness, he goes before you into Galilee. You can see him there; he is waiting for you. I have nothing left to say."
On the swift-winged feet of fear and joy, they ran to the other women waiting for them, and then they all went to where the men were hiding. But on their way they met him. Jesus!
"Peace be with you."
They fell at his feet, clutched onto them, and covered them with their tears of joy and pent up pain.
"Don't be afraid!"
They knew that this was no ghost. He was Emanuel, and they worshipped him.
"Go now. Tell my family to come to me once more in Galilee."
(Retelling of Matthew 28:1-10)

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Apostolic #Poetry - Seek Holiness:

If you've been raised with Christ,
On the cross and from the dead,
Look up above for the holy things -
Not below for mere earthly detritus.
For you are dead!
Your true life abides,
Within the Son that abides,
Within the Father.
When the Christ in you,
Shines forth -
The glory of Christ,
Shall be truly revealed.
(Colossians 3:1-4 retold by Tiwago)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Jeremiah's Non-Jeremiad:

God says:
"Time is coming when I'll be God of all, and all will remember that they're My children.
Survivors of violence, you'll find peace in My wildernesses - I'll always be before you. My love is beyond the bounds of time - it's impossible for Me to not love you. I'll always be jealous in my love for you. I'll make you anew. I'll rebuild you. You'll regain your innocence. You'll play our music again. We'll dance together, with joy in Our feet. We'll replant vineyards, and enjoy Our wine.
Watch for the watchers. Listen for their news. Listen for the invitation to come home."
(Jeremiah 31:1-6 re-imagined)

Monday, April 14, 2014

Peter's Creed - God is Impartial.

Peter preached:
"God is God of all people.
He is an impartial God.
He is not a tribal god.
All who abide in Him,
All who walk on His Way,
Are accepted by Him.
We have His message,
Told to us by the Christ.
The cousin baptized the Son;
The Father anointed the Son;
The Spirit then joined the Son;
He healed the devil's victims;
The Father was in the Son -
We are Their witnesses!
The World killed the Son -
Hanging him on an Eagle's tree,
To be their fruit of Empire.
But then came the third day:
The Father raised the Son;
The Father revealed the Son,
To the children of the Son;
The Son broke fast with us;
He rose and sat with us!

He ordered us to preach:
To testify to His life with us;
To testify to His death for us;
To testify to His life within us;
To tell of His ordination,
As the Judge of the living,
As the Judge of the dead.
And we shall speak for God.
All who believe His grace for them,
Know the mercy of His Name!"
Acts 10:34-43 retold)