Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Psalmic Poetry – The Forever God.

Lord, our forever Home:
Before the beginning;
After the ending, Lord.

You return us to our composite molecules:
All our eons are but brief moments to You;
The past is washed away and it’s always now.

How long will You ignore our suffering?
Be a compassionate Master to Your slaves!
Show us Your love so that we may be happy!

Give us as many days of joy as you have given us days of suffering.
Let us see Your invisible works and let us bask in Your radiant smile.
Let us prosper in our deeds Lord – Lord, let us prosper in our deeds.


(Psalm 90:1-6 & 13-17 as envisioned by Tiwago)

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Whose Face?


The conservatives plotted to use whatever he said and turn it against him. They joined with political hatchet-men and went to his rally. Their talking-head spoke to him while the cameras watched on: “Sir. It is clear that you believe what you say!  It is said that you are always impartial and can not lie. So please tell our viewers – should they pay taxes to a government that they do not support?” They expected that his answer would either get him in trouble with the IRS, or his fans.

The man you was the center of all this attention, spoke softly to those arrayed against him: “Why are you trying to entrap me? You claim to advocate for right, but then you do wrong. Show me, how do you pay your taxes?”

Unsure what was going on, the group looked at each other. Finally, one held up some bills.

The man smiled as he asked: “Whose faces appear on your money?”

“Dead presidents”, she answered.

“So then, give the government its due, but do not give it what is God’s.”

They stomped off amazed, baffled, or angry.

(From Matthew 22:15-22)




Tuesday, October 14, 2014

God Moons Moses.

God: “To know you is to love you.”

Moses: “You tell me to go down and get our people, yet you still won’t tell me who is going with me on this suicide mission!”

God: “I AM.”

Moses: “If You are serious fine, but if this is just a joke, forget it! If You go, how will they know it’s You?”

God: “I will show them I AM.”

God: “My goodness will pass by you like and endless herd on the African plains. They will hear that I AM. I will grace those that I chose to grace, and be merciful to those that I want to be merciful to. But my face you shall not see, for it would blow your mind!”

Moses is silent.

God: “The rock and My hand will protect you from accidently seeing My face, but once I have passed, you may look upon My backside.”


(From Exodus 33:12-23)

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Psalmic Poetry - Holy Cow.

Praise God.
Thank God.
God is Good.
God is Love.
God is always.

Who knows His every act?
Who can quantify His worth?
Remember me when the time comes.
Save me when You save the world.
Let me see Your glorious Kingdom.
Let me enjoy the coming glory days.

We have sinned as,
Our ancestors had sinned.
We have worshipped idols as,
Our ancestors worshipped idols.
We always have worshipped sacred cows;
Trading divinity for a cud-chewing bovinity.

They/we forget God.
They/we forget our Savior.
They/we forget Grace.
They/we forget Mercy.
They/we forget our salvation.

Moses stood in the doorway,
To divert God’s judging Wrath,
As another Passover Lamb,
Now stands in the doorway,
Our protective Shepherd.

~ Tiwago
(from Psalm 106)

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The God of Golden Rings.

(painting by Nicolas Poussin)

Naked Thoughts on Exodus 32:1-14.

I notice right up front that the people are not asking for a god to replace God – they are asking for an idol to replace Moses at the head of their migration. Could generations of servitude have made them unwilling to step off on their own? Were they having difficulties making the transition from blind followers to visionary leaders?

Next, I notice that Aaron is specific about the source of the gold will use: ear-rings. If we view these as signs of slavery, how does that change our view of Aaron’s actions? Is he using this opportunity to force them to give up and sacrifice their symbols of bondage? I also wonder why he didn’t ask the men for their rings?

God grows angry at the people, but apparently not at Aaron. There seems to be an implicit approval of his motives. God states His intent to destroy the people, and I wonder if He really would have, or if he was testing Moses’ love for the people he led? Moses reminds God of the people before him that negotiated, and even wrestled with God, as he in turn negotiated on their behalf. And again we see a God who is willing to change His mind. We often see changing our minds (specially in politics) as a weakness, as being wishy-washy. Yet the Bible seems to tell us more than once that the ability to change one’s mind is a strength!

We see that people need to be reminded that they are no man’s slave and that God is no man’s slave.  I also see that God does not blindly follow His own rules, so why do we demand blind obedience, and insist on unchanging laws?