Monday, March 30, 2015

Prophetic Poetry - On This Mountain High

[ Jacopo Tintoretto - Marriage at Cana ]
(Isaiah 25:6-9)

On this mountain height,
The Lord God serves us:
A feast of rich food;
A feast of aged wine;
A feast of fat food;
A feast of fine wine;
That He prepared,
For us.

On this mountain high,
The Lord God saves us;
Breaking up the clouds,
The shadows of despair,
The overhanging gloom -
That the Light might shine,
On all the world,
Upon us.

Gently the Mother,
God wipes my tears,
From my wet face -
From your wet face.
My disgraceful acts,
Your vile hurtful deeds,
Will be erased,
From us.

This is the God,
For whom we waited.
This is the salvation,
For which we waited.
This is the God,
For whom we waited.
Let us be glad,
And rejoice in it.

~ Tiwago

Friday, March 27, 2015

Having Unnatural Thoughts.

(Edvard Munch)

Naked Thoughts on Philippians 2:5-11

Have unnatural thoughts - think like Christ.

Although he was God, he did not act like it (I know lots of people [none of who are God] who act like they think they're God...). He emptied himself of his divine Godhood, incarnated as a servant, the Son of Man. In this weak flesh he was subject to the laws of physics and lived as one of us. He set aside his biological will to survive and took up his free-will, so that he could be tortured and killed.

At his name, the angels bow.
At his name, Creation bows.
At His name, the dead bow.

Every tongue in heaven,
Every tongue in the universe,
Every tongue in hell,
Will testify that the Christ,
The glory of the Father,
Is of God,
Is in God,
Is God.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

I'm Hurting Here!

(William Blake)
Psalm 31:9-16

Give me grace God,
For I am in agony!
My eyes have been cried dry -
My soul and body have dried up too.
My life has seen nothing but sorrow -
My years have known nothing but pain.
Misery has stolen away my strength.
My story is a horror movie;
My friends dread to see me.
I even have osteoarthritis!
Like the dead, I have been left behind.
I'm naught but an old broken vessel.
I hear them whispering in my head -
I live in constant fear of their plots.

My trust is in just You.
I have declared for You.
You are my only God.
My days are Yours.

Save me from the Whisperers!
Protect me from the Plotters!
Comfort me with Your smile.
Soothe me with Your love.

~ Tiwago

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A Teacher's Tongue.

Naked Thoughts on Isaiah 50:4-9a

Teaching is considered in verse 4 to be a Spiritual Gift. I am fascinated by Isaiah's thoughts on teaching. First, the Teacher's Tongue that he describes "sustains the weary". Secondly, the Teacher is a Student. How little this describes my concept of a Teacher when I grew up!

Teachers are listeners, obedient, and persistent (verse 5).

Teachers are both humble and brave (verse 6).

Teachers are sustained by God, free from disgrace, have poker-faces, and are not ashamed (verse 7).

Teachers do not need to justify themselves, work with those who believe differently, and debate those who attack them (verse 8).

Jesus was described as a teacher. He seems to have fit Isaiah's mold.

Monday, March 23, 2015

The Jesus Gate.

Psalm 118:19-29

Open the Gate,
That I may come in,
Praising the Lord -
The Gate of the Way,
Which pilgrims enter.
Thank you Lord,
For I knocked,
And You heard.

Architects, engineers, and masons,
Refused the stone sent from the quarry,
For it did not fit the gap left over from,
Their designing, planning, and building;
They declared the priceless worthless.
But the Master Builder used the stone,
And built a whole Kingdom around it -
Far too beautiful for me to describe!

The Builder made us this day;
Let us smile and take joy in it.

Help us live, we beg;
We beg, help us win.

Blessed are the Godly;
The Godly we will bless.

The Lord is God;
The Lord is Light.

Wave long green fronds of palms;
Approach the Gate in celebration.

The Lord is mine;
I thank my Lord -
You are my Lord;
I shout Your name.

Give Him thanks.
The Lord is Good,
And is unfaltering.
The Lord is Love.
His love endures.
His love abides.

~ Tiwago