Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Host With The Most.

Jesus tried to be alone to talk to his dad, but everyone kept following him.
After a while, his crew said: "There's no place around here to get any food. There are children among the throng, and we are afraid they will go hungry. You should send them home to eat and rest."
Jesus said: "Feed them."
They said: "We can't!"
He said: "I will."
It was a great party, and everyone complimented the chef.
(retelling of Matthew 14:13-21)

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

World Championship Wrestling.

The frequently fearful man,
wrestled with God all night;
thereby becoming a nation.
~ Tiwago
(from Genesis 32:22-31)

Friday, July 25, 2014


When we are weak, the Spirit is best able to help us. No one knows how to pray perfectly, but the Spirit prays for us continuously with sighs too too deep for our limited words. Prayers are soul feelings more than mere thoughts. God knows what we hold in our hearts, and He knows the thoughts of the Spirit within us - so the Spirit is able to work for us and through us to do God's will. We know that the end results will be in favor of those who love God, and that all mankind was made in the image of God with the ability to love God. That is why we all are here!
He knew us before we were. As the Son was God made in the image of man and we are made in the image of God, we are therefor predestined to take on the appearance of the Son! Those whom He calls are saved, and those whom He saves are made holy. What more is there to say? God calls us all. God is on our side, beside us, and inside of us - whom is there to fear?
He withholds nothing we need, not even the life of His Son! Why then do we think that His grace has limits?
Who can condemn? Only Christ can, yet He intercedes for us.
Who can keep us from loving Christ? If death couldn't keep him from us, why do we think misery can?
We live sacrificial lives because we have a sacrificial Father. This is not our foolish weakness, but our all-triumphant strength! Neither death nor life, neither God's angels nor fallen angels, neither politics nor religion, neither time nor intergalactic space, nothing can keep God from loving us!
(Romans 8:26-39 retold)

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Is Grace Permanent?

Naked thoughts on 1 Kings 3:5-12:
God asked Solomon (a test?) what he wanted from God. Solomon asked for the wisdom to be a good shepherd and leader. God was proud of him, and graced him with the gift of deep discernment. No one has or has ever had such a rare gift to such a degree. Yet the Bible shows us that Solomon made many poor choices later on.
1. Did the King lose the gift, or did he quit using it?
2. Is there a gift that I pay for daily?
3. Are there gifts that I have quit using?
4. Does "use it or lose it" apply to grace?
5. Salvation is a grace, can we lose our salvation?

Monday, July 21, 2014


(Rachel and Leah by Dante Gabriel Rossetti)
Laban felt that Jacob should not work for him for nothing, just because he was family: "What do you wish to work for?"
Laban's eldest daughter was cute and had a kind face, but her younger sister was hot: "Give me my young cousin Rachel as a wife!" They agreed upon the bride price.
After seven years of hard work, Jacob and Rachel were more than ready for their honeymoon night. Jacob waited for her in the dark tent until she came to him.
In the morning light, her discovered that it was poor Leah that he had slept with! After seven years, Laban had still not been able to marry her off. Jacob rose in anger and rushed to his father-in-law's tent. "Why did you trick me? I worked hard for you, because I love Rachel!"
Laban explained his position in regards to his unwanted daughter. They agreed that once the honeymoon was over, Laban would also give Rachel to Jacob as a second wife - in exchange, Jacob would would for another seven years.
(Taken from Genesis 29:15-28)
1. The last shall be first, and the first last?
2. How does Leah's story make you feel?
3. What do you think of this Biblical description of marriage?
4. Was Laban doing Leah a kindness, or tricking Jacob into more servitude?